Faculty Bibliography

Edward B. Foley


Articles, Essays, and Book Reviews


  • Ballot Battles: The History of Disputed Elections in the United States, ( 2015).

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  • From Registration to Recounts: The Election Ecosystems of Five Midwestern States (with Steven F. Huefner, Daniel P. Tokaji, & Nathan A. Cemenska), ( 2007).

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Book Chapters

  • Democracy in the United States, 2020 and Beyond: How Can Scholarly Research Shape a Vision and Realize It?, Race, Reform, and Regulation of the Electoral Process: Recurring Puzzles in American Democracy (2013).

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  • Uncertain Insurance: the Ambiguities and Complexities of Provisional Voting, Voting in America (v.3) American Voting Systems in Flux: Debacles, Dangers and Brave New Designs (2008).

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  • The Legitimacy of Imperfect Elections: Optimality, Not Perfection, Should Be the Goal of Election Administration, in Making Every Vote Count: Federal Election Legislation in the States (Andrew Rachlin ed.) (2006).

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