Faculty Bibliography

Sharon L. Davies


Articles, Essays, and Book Reviews


Book Chapters

  • Arraignment, ENCYCLOPEDIA CRIME & JUST. (rev. ed.) (2001).

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  • Brief of Amici Curiae Nationwide Coalition of Educators and Centers Working to Expand Educational Opportunity for African American Males in Support of Respondents, Fisher v. University of Texas (No.14-981)/ w Larry H. James & Christina L. Cori, (2015).
  • Amici Curiae Coalition of Black Male Achievement Initiatives in support of Respondents, Fisher v. University of Texas, No.11-345(2012) (2012).


  • If We Bend Not Our Energies, Huffington Post August 21st (2014).

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  • Abigail Fisher and the Hidden Crisis of Black Male Collegians, Huffington Post June 27th (2013).

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