Faculty Bibliography

Martha Chamallas




Book Chapters

  • Warm Reasoning and Legal Proof of Discrimination (Legal Comment), Ideology, Psychology, and Law (Jon Hanson, ed.) ( 2012).

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  • The Story of Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins: of Glass Ceilings, Sex Stereotypes and Mixed Motives, Women and the Law Stories ( 2011).

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  • Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs in Popper's Materials on Tort Reform, ( 2010).
  • Of Glass Ceilings, Sex Stereotypes, and Mixed Motives: The Story of Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins in Women and the Law Stories, ( 2010).

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  • Discrimination and Outrage: Exploring the Gap Between Civile Rights and Tort Recoveries in Fault Lines: Tort Law and Cultural Practice, ( 2009).

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  • The Backlash Against Feminist Legal Theory, THEORIZING BACKLASH: PHILOSOPHICAL REFLECTIONS ON THE RESISTANCE TO FEMINISM (Anita M. Superson & Ann E. Cudd eds.) ( 2002).

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  • Vanished From the First Year: Lost Torts and Deep Structures in Tort Law , Legal Canons (Jack Balkin & Sanford Levinson eds.) ( 2000).

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  • Highlights of the Scholarship on Sexual Harassment, FEMINIST JURISPRUDENCE, WOMEN AND THE LAW: CRITICAL ESSAYS, RESEARCH AGENDA AND BIBLIOGRAPHY (Betty Taylor, Sharon Rush & Robert D. Munro eds.) ( 1999).

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  • Anatomy of a Lawsuit: Jean Jew v. University of Iowa , SEXUAL HARASSMENT ON CAMPUS: A GUIDE FOR ADMINISTRATORS, FACULTY AND STUDENTS (Bernice R. Sandler & J. Robert Shoop eds.) ( 1996).

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  • Applications of Feminist Legal Theory to Women’s Lives: Sex, Violence, Work and Reproduction, APPLICATIONS OF FEMINIST LEGAL THEORY TO WOMEN’S LIVES: SEX, VIOLENCE, WORK AND REPRODUCTION (D. Kelly Wiesberg ed.) ( 1996).

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  • When Academic Speech Hits the Courtroom: How Lawyers Might Argue (and Judges Might Decide) Three Semihypothetical Cases, ADVOCACY IN THE CLASSROOM: PROBLEMS AND POSSIBILITIES (Patricia Meyer Sparks ed.) ( 1996).

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None Selecteds


  • Gender and Sex Discrimination Fifty Years After the Civil Rights Act, Denver, January 31st ( 2014).
  • " Racial and Gender Bias in Legal and Equitable Remedies: At the Crossroads of Doctrine and Social Science", 2013 AALS Conference New Orleans ( 2013).
  • Institutional Responsibility for Sexual Exploitation: Can Tort Law Deliver Social Justice?, Valparaiso 2013 Monsanto Lectures (04/12 2013).