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Dems Agree on NM Provisonal Counting Rules

(Feb. 8) - New Mexico's Democratic Presidential primary will be decided by some 17,000 provisional votes cast in that state, and the Democratic candidates have agreed upon the following rules for counting or rejecting each ballot. The rules seem generally in line with the rules that already existed under state law (see 1-12-25.3), but are arguably clearer. However, the rules leave open the question of whether a ballot can be counted when it is separated from its identifying paperwork and inseparably commingled with other unidentifiable ballots. [Read More]

Scope of L.A. Ballot Problems Revealed

(Feb. 7) - Apparently more than 94,000 Presidential primary ballots went uncounted in LA County due to a flawed ballot (see prior post). Officials are seeking permission to go back and try to count those ballots, but it now appears that that may be impossible (analysis). [Read More]

Would-be Crossover Voters Denied Provisional Ballots

(Feb. 6) - People across the country showed up to vote yesterday and found they were not eligible in the party primary of their choice. The problems were most notable in Arizona and New Jersey (analysis). [Read More]

Provisional Votes Will Decide NM

(Feb. 6) - New Mexico election workers stayed up all night and still did not finish counting ballots for the Presidential primary. The latest reported vote differential is in the low 100's but thousands of provisionals remain to be counted. [Read More]

Voters Left Off Rolls in NYC

(Feb. 6) - New York City voters are reporting being left off the rolls at some polling places, and having to cast provisional ballots. The extent of the problem is unclear, as is its cause. New York only recently implemented its statewide voter registration database, a process that involved purging some records and could have suffered from technical glitches that might cause this type of problem. [Read More]

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