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2008 Key Questions for Key States

State High Court Composition

About this Map...

Does the highest court in your state lean D or R?  This map shows the extent to which each state's high court is made up of justices with known political affiliations.  It also shows whether those justices are elected or appointed.  Click on any state for more info.

Methodology: Justices are listed as D or R only when the cited sources explicitly identified them as such.  Justices were not identified as D or R merely because a Democrat or Republican appointed them.  However, the partisan affiliation of the appointing person is noted, to allow the reader to use his or her own judgment.  In many cases, it was unclear whether the subject had any political affiliation at all. Only publicly available sources were used.  Wikipedia was not used.

R heavy/elected

R leaning/appointed

R leaning/elected

D heavy/appointed

D heavy/elected

D leaning/appointed

D leaning/elected

Unknown affiliation/appointed

Unknown affiliation/elected