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2008 Key Questions for Key States

Polling place closing times - by Eastern time zone

About this Map...

This map lays out the closing times based on the Eastern time zone. Some New Hampshire polls close at 7:00 PM while others close at 8:00 PM. The following states span two time zones: Indiana, Kentucky, Tennesee, Florida, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho and Oregon.  Those states are classified by their later closing time.  For example, most polls in Texas close at 8:00 PM Eastern time but all of the polls there will be closed by 9:00 PM Eastern time. 

7:00 PM Eastern time

7:30 PM Eastern time

8:00 PM Eastern time

8:30 PM Eastern time

9:00 PM Eastern time

10:00 PM Eastern time

11:00 PM Eastern time

12;00 AM Eastern time - Alaska

2:00 AM Eastern time - Hawaii