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The complete research by Election Law @ Moritz for Arkansas can be found below.

Institutional Arrangements

State Chief Election Authorities

Elected individual (D)

Chief election authority: Secretary of State. Const. Amend. 51, § 5.

Method of selection: Elected. Const. Art. 6, § 3.

Current officer: Charlie Daniels (D). Busy political year in Arkansas sets stage for ’08 lineup, AP Alert – Political, December 28, 2006. (Last updated 12/29/07)

State High Court Composition

Unknown affiliation/elected

Method of selection: Nonpartisan election. Const. Amend. 80, § 18.

Justices: Jim Gunter (no info), Robert L. Brown (no info), Tom Glaze (no info), Jim Hannah (no info), Donald L. Corbin (no info), Annabelle Clinton Imber (no info), Justice Paul E. Danielson (no info) (Last updated 12/19/07)


Voter Registration

EL@M did not research this topic for Arkansas


EL@M did not research this topic for Arkansas

Provisional Ballots

EL@M did not research this topic for Arkansas

Early and Absentee Voting

EL@M did not research this topic for Arkansas

Voting Technology

EL@M did not research this topic for Arkansas

Polling Place Operations

Polling hours extension

Court may not extend

The judiciary is not authorized to extend polling hours, period. Republican Party of Arkansas v. Kilgore, 350 Ark. 540, 545 (Ark., 2002). No information was found regarding whether administrators may do so.

Voting hours are 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. ACA 7-5-304.

Voters standing in line at the close of polls may still vote. ACA 7-5-304.

Polling place closing times - local times

7:30 PM local time

Polling place closing times - by Eastern time zone

8:30 PM Eastern time

Ballot Security

EL@M did not research this topic for Arkansas

Emergency Preparedness

EL@M did not research this topic for Arkansas

Post-Election Processes

What Court Would Hear a Presidential Contest?

Unclear what court would have jurisdiction

The law makes it clear that “any candidate” may contest the result of an election. C.A. 7-5-801. However, while the statute identifies the court that would have jurisdiction over most types of contests, it does not identify what court would have jurisdiction in a Presidential contest. 

Who Performs Presidential recounts?


Recounts are conducted by a three-person county board that consists of the two chairs of the local political parties and one other person of the majority party. A.C.A. s 7-5-319; 7-4-102. The statute explicitly limits this requirement to recounts of paper ballots, which are no longer used in Arkansas. However, a representative of the Secretary of State’s office confirmed this procedure continues to be used in modern recounts.