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Who are poll workers?

Appointed by local administrator/some minority party representation

Only 2 counties in Washington use in-person voting (the rest conduct almost all of their voting by mail). In the 2 in-person counties, the county auditor appoints three poll workers for each precinct from lists submitted by the county chairpersons of the major political parties. RCW 29A.44.410, 29A.44.430. If the list is insufficient to provide the requisite number of poll workers, the county clerk may appoint properly trained persons not on the list. Two of the poll workers will be from the party that received the highest number of votes in the previous presidential election. The county auditor may also appoint one or more clerks as assistants. RCW 29A.44.420. Political party representation must be equal whenever possible and no political party may be represented by more than a majority of one.

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