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Election Law @ Moritz

Election Law @ Moritz

2008 Key Questions for Key States


State High Court Composition

Unknown affiliation/elected

Method of selection: Election at large. Const. Art. 4, § 3. Unexpired terms are filled by gubernatorial appointment.

Justices: Gerry L. Alexander (endorsed by D), Charles W. Johnson (unknown), Barbara Madsen (no info), Richard B. Sanders (no info), Bobbe J. Bridge (appointed by Locke (D)), Tom Chambers (endorsed by D), Susan Owens (endorsed by D), Mary E. Fairhurst (D), James M. Johnson (endorsed by R) (Last updated 12/26/07)


Information for Washington

Special Features

Institutional Arrangements

Voter Registration


Provisional Ballots

Early and Absentee Voting

Voting Technology

Polling Place Operations

Ballot Security

Emergency Preparedness

Post-Election Processes