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April, 2009

Below are stories from April, 2009 related to election law developments from across the country. The links below will open in a new window and will direct you to sites that are not affiliated with Election Law @ Moritz or the Moritz College of Law. They are subject to change, and some may expire or require registration as time passes. (See Archives | Recent Headlines)

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Edward B. Foley

North Carolina’s disputed race for governor: historical context

Edward B. Foley

Federal courts have a power to protect voting rights that they lacked until recently.

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In the News

Daniel P. Tokaji

Donald Trump video outlines first 100 day plans

Professor Dan Tokaji was quoted on Fox28 about Donald Trump’s latest video outlining plans for his first 100 days in office.

"Take immigration for example, one of the cornerstones of the Trump campaign, not just building the wall, but reversing some of President Obama's actions on immigration, in particular the protection of the immigrant children," Tokaji said. "There will be a big backlash from the growing Latino population if he acts too aggressively on that, something that could hurt the Republican Party for decades."

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Info & Analysis

Divided District Court Panel Finds Wisconsin Assembly Districts Unconstitutionally Drawn

In a 2-1 opinion, a District Court panel determined that the redistricting plan enacted by the Wisconsin legislature in 2011 was an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. The court deferred its ruling as to a remedy, ordering further briefing by the parties. The case is Whitford v. Nichol.

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