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What We Could Do With a National Citizens' Initiative: Control Pay!

Dale A. OesterleAugust 12 (Dale A. Oesterle)

The Swiss voters on March 3rd demonstrated the power of a national citizens’ initiative right. Sixty-eight percent of Swiss voters voted in favor of something formally called the Minder Initiative, named after Thomas Minder, the politician who created it, that puts heavy controls on executive salaries at Swiss companies. Informally the Initiative was named the “Rip-Off Initiative.” [Read Comment]

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As we described in Section 3.5 of the e-Book, which covers Tax-Exempt Organizations, 501(c)(3) organizations may not intervene in an election for or against and candidate. The IRS has recently started "inquiries" to determine if certain 501(c)(3)s violated their (c)(3) status by engaging in political intervention. You can find links here to information on various actions taken by the IRS.