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WY-1: Unofficial Counts in but Results Not Yet Certified

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November 13, 2006

In Wyoming, final unofficial counts have been released, with Republican Barbara Cubin leading Democrat Gary Trauner by 970 votes. According to the Wyoming Secretary of State, this difference does not trigger an automatic recount.

Gary Trauner has stated that he would not seek a recount; however, he was waiting to concede the election until after the results had been certified and provisional ballots are counted. If, after the final votes are counted, the margin of victory is less than 1% of votes, a state funded recount would be automatic; if the margin of victory is greater than 1%, the candidate must pay for any recount. For the state funded recount to occur, Trauner would need to narrow Cubin’s current lead by at least 38 votes after all votes are counted. A recount may be requested any time between now and November 17.

Trauner himself has stated that he does not believe there was any fraud involved in Tuesday’s election. However, there apparently were some glitches in at least three counties which the state is investigating. Minor problems had been reported regarding the voting equipment and absentee ballots. The status of this investigation and its impact, if any, on the election is yet to be determined.