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In re 2016 Primary Election

Case Information

Date Filed: March 15, 2016
State: Ohio
Issue: Polling Place Notices
Courts that Heard this Case: U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio (Case 1:16-mc-00005-TSB); Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals (Case 16-03350, 16-03352, and 16-03357)


(1) Whether a federal court has jurisdiction to order state elections officials to extend polling hours or re-open polls with no complaint filed, no identified plaintiff, no federal cause of action or basis for federal jurisdiction identified, and no state action at issue.

(2) Whether a federal court may grant relief without identifying any state action that constituted a violation of law to be remedied.

(3) Whether a federal court may grant relief with no process preceding the decision, specifically, (a) no filed complaint or motion, (b) no advance notice to Defendant Ohio Secretary of State or affected County Boards of Elections; and (c) none of the prerequisites of Fed. R. Civ. P. 65 satisfied, such as the notice under Rule 65(a), requirements to forgo notice under Rule 65(b)(1), or a stated basis for the lack of notice under Rule 65(b)(2).

(4) Whether a federal court may order polls to be kept open in an order issued after closing time was reached, in light of this Court's and the Supreme Court's repeated admonishments discouraging such last-minute orders, and in light of the impossibility of contacting hundreds of polling locations that were already closing before the order issued.


Order issued 3/15/16. Notices of Appeal filed 4/11/16. Order directing clerk to appoint counsel to defend District Court order filed 5/2/16. Appearance entered by attorney Rachel Bloomekatz to defend District Court order 5/11/16. Appellants' Brief filed 6/23/16. Appointed Counsel Brief filed 7/14/16. Opinion and Order Vacating Preliminary Injunction filed 9/6/16.

District Court Documents

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals



Edward B. Foley

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Edward B. Foley

A remedy for foreign disinformation attacks

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Edward B. Foley

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Professor Edward Foley was quoted in Cleveland.com about two gerrymandering cases on the U.S. Supreme Court docket.

"The two cases give the court an opportunity to say that there is a line that if you go too far, you are in violation" of the Constitution Foley said.

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