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New state voting laws face first presidential election test

Jan. 29 (9:00 PM) - [Read More]

North Carolina's voter ID law goes on trial

Jan. 25 (1:30 PM) - [Read More]

Motion for Preliminary Injunction Denied on Voter ID Issue in NC Case

Jan. 19 (9:15 AM) - Late last week, Federal District Judge Thomas Schroeder denied the North Carolina NAACP\'s motion for a preliminary injunction, which sought to prevent the implementation of a photo ID requirement in the state\'s March primary. A trial on the issue is set for later this month. The case is League of Women Voters of North Carolina v. Howard.

Lake County Seeks to Create Equity in Election Law for Military Voters

Jan. 7 (1:00 PM) - [Read More]

Federal Judge Dismisses Some of Claims in Virginia Voting Rights Case

Dec. 18 (4:45 PM) - In an opinion issued today, Federal District Judge Henry Hudson granted in part and denied in part the defendants\' motion to dismiss in a Virginia voting rights case. The judge dismissed claims related to long lines at voting precincts but left standing claims related to Virginia\'s voter identification law. The case is Lee v. Virginia State Board of Elections.

Federal Judge Dismisses Some of Claims in Wisconsin Voting Rights Case

Dec. 18 (4:30 PM) - In an opinion issued yesterday, Federal District Judge James Peterson granted in part and denied in part the defendants\' motion to dimiss in a Wisconsin voting rights case. The judge dismissed claims related to Wisconsin\'s voter ID law but left standing claims involving disparate treatment and \"partisan fencing.\" The case is One Wisconsin Institute v. Nichol.

The Supreme Court may change ‘one person, one vote.’ This would hurt Latinos and Democrats

Dec. 9 (1:00 PM) - [Read More]

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Election Law @ Moritz has assembled a set of resources concerning the topic of elections going into overtime.

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EL@M in the News

David  Stebenne

Ohio's presidential drought, what caused it and what can end it

Professor David Stebenne was quoted in a Cleveland Plain-Dealer article about Ohio's presidential drought:

"The more polarized political atmosphere has tilted the playing field against most Ohio politicians," said David Stebenne, a professor of history and law at Ohio State University. "They, like most Ohio voters, are more moderate than the country as a whole. It's become a lot harder for Ohio politicians to get a major-party nomination."

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Current Litigation

Harris v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission

State: Arizona
Issue: 1. Does the desire to gain partisan
advantage for one political party justify
intentionally creating over-populated legislative
districts that result in tens of thousands of
individual voters being denied Equal Protection
because their individual votes are devalued,
violating the one-person, one-vote principle?

2. Does the desire to obtain favorable
preclearance review by the Justice Department
permit the creation of legislative districts that
deviate from the one-person, one-vote principle?
And, even if creating unequal districts to obtain
preclearance approval was once justified, is this
still a legitimate justification after Shelby County v.
Holder, 133 S.Ct. 2612 (2013)?

3. Was the Arizona redistricting
commission correct to disregard the majorityminority
rule and rely on race and political party
affiliation to create Hispanic “influence” districts?

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