Bipartisan, Blue-Ribbon panel issues redistricting reform principles similar to approach of Ohio's Issue 4

The Campaign Legal Center and the Council for Excellence in Government jointly published "The Shape of Representative Democracy," the final report of the Redistricting Reform Conference held in June 2005. The conference assembled over three dozen experts in political districting and election law. The report relates that the conference participants adopted the following redistricting principles:

Procedures for Redistricting

Assign the redistricting power to an independent commission. Ensure transparency of the process and a meaningful opportunity for interested parties and for the public to participate effectively. Conduct redistricting once each decade, following the census, with a strict timeline for completion.

Standards for Redistricting (in rank order)

  1. Adhere to all Constitutional and Voting Rights Act (VRA) requirements.
  2. Promote competitiveness and partisan fairness.
  3. Respect political subdivisions and communities of interest.
  4. Encourage geographical compactness and respect for natural geographical features and barriers.

A press release about the report and the full text of the report are also available.