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This topic is monitored by Moritz Law Professor Steven F. Huefner

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In recent months, a number of allegations of Ohio campaign finance improprieties have surfaced involving political consultant Brett Buerck and fund raiser Kyle Sisk. Both Buerck and Sisk reportedly are under state and federal investigation, and allegations concerning their campaign practices also have threatened to affect the careers of some of their clients, including Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder. In addition, state senator Jeff Jacobson, who had been seen as the likely successor to Ohio Senate President Doug White, recently announced that he would not seek the Senate presidency in the coming session because of the damage from his association with Buerck and Sisk. As this story develops, the e-Book will analyze the legal issues involved, the potential reforms to Ohio campaign finance laws that may ensue, and other questions of state campaign finance law that may arise in the context of this year's election.