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The Effect of Term Limits in the 2004 Ohio Election Cycle

Members of the 125th Ohio General Assembly (2003-2004) Unable to Seek Reelection in 2004 Because of Term Limits (including members who resigned early):

Ohio Senate

Name Party Affiliation Senate District
Senator Louis Blessing R 8
Senator James Carnes R 1 20
Senator Greg DiDonato D 30
Senator Robert Gardner R 18
Senator Leigh Herington D 2 28
Senator Scott Nein R 4
Senator Doug White R 14

2004 Ohio Senate Impact Totals:
Republican: 5
Democrat: 2

Ohio House of Representatives

Name Party Affiliation House District
Representative Jamie Callender R 62
Representative Gary Cates R 55
Representative Patricia Clancy R 29
Representative Larry Householder R 91
Representative Ed Jerse D 7
Representative Lynn Olman, Jr. R 46
Representative Bryan Williams R 3 41
Representative Charles Wilson D 96
Representative Ron Young R 63

2004 Ohio House Impact Totals:
Republican: 7
Democrat: 2


1. Resigned January 9, 2004, to become Director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

2. Resigned September 17, 2003, to focus on his run for Portage County Common Pleas Judge.   See (last visited July 7, 2004).

3. Resigned March 9, 2004, to become Director of Summit County Board of Elections.