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Tools for Landing the Job

Career SearchThe Career Services Office has developed guides to help law students organize their job search and professional development needs. A short description of each will follow with the appropriate link. After looking over the guides, please feel free to make an appointment with your career advisor to discuss these topics.

Researching Employers - Employers are looking for candidates who genuinely want to work for them. Researching employers will help you determine if they are a good fit with your interests.

Resumes - A resume has one purpose: to motivate an employer to invite you to interview. Consequently, a legal resume is more than a biographical sketch; it is a marketing document designed to show the fit between your credentials and an employer's needs.

Cover Letters/Follow Up - The purpose of a cover letter is to get an interview. It should demonstrate the fit between your strengths and the job's requirements, serve as a positive writing sample, provide, as necessary, information not on the resume, and move the hiring process to the next step.

Writing Samples/Transcripts - Some employers request that you submit a writing sample as part of your application, or that it be provided in the interview. If an employer specifies a certain format, be sure to conform your writing sample accordingly. However, most firms do not give any guidelines.

References - Some employers request that you provide names and contact information for individuals who can speak to your abilities and accomplishments. Therefore, you should keep an updated list of three or more individuals who have agreed to serve as references for you.

Interviewing - A critical component of the job search is a successful interview strategy. Interviews are generally the first face-to-face meeting between you and a prospective employer. Therefore, it is imperative that you not only make a favorable impression, but use the limited time in an interview to demonstrate your competency, sincere interest, skills, individual strengths, and unique fit with the employer.

Programs and Events - Orientation for all classes, resume workshops, interview workshops and practice interview programs are just some of the programs we offer.

Video Conferencing - We are a participant in the Law School Connect videoconferencing network, which enables law firms, judges and nonprofit employers to remotely interview Moritz students via videoconferencing equipment and network connectivity in place in the library's Bench and Bar Room.

Timelines (1L | 2L | 3L) - Suggested timelines for each class are available to help all students stay on track to obtain the best job possible.