• Election Law @ Moritz Faculty, (L-R) Ann Ralph, Terri Enns, David Stebenne, Ned Foley, Steve Huefner, and Dan Tokaji.

    2012 ELM Team at Election Central for web

Case Updates

  • Arizona - Huerena v. Reagan
    Issue: Whether a reduction in polling places violated the Arizona Constitution and statutory law during the primary election in Maricopa County
  • Ohio - In re 2016 Primary Election
    Issue: class="MsoNormal" style="background: white; margin: 9pt 0in; line-height: 18pt">(1) Whether a federal court has jurisdiction to order state…
  • Ohio - Ohio A. Philip Randolph Institute and NEOCH v. Husted
    Issue: Whether the removal of eligible voters from Ohio’s voter-registration rolls, as a result of those voters’ decisions not to participate…

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