Research & Publications

Program on Data and Governance
The Age of the Cyberpro, prepared for the International Association of Privacy Professions (October, 2017)

Dennis Hirsch
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That’s Unfair! Or Is It? Big Data, Discrimination and the FTC’s Unfairness Authority, 103 Kentucky Law Journal (2015)

Bryan Choi
For Whom the Data Tolls: A Reunified Theory of Fourth and Fifth Amendment Jurisprudence
, 37 Cardozo Law Review 185 (2015)

A Prospect Theory of Privacy, 51 Idaho Law Review 623 (2015)

The Anonymous Internet, 72 Maryland Law Review 501 (2012)

Dakota Rudesill
Classified Legislation: Tracking Congress’s Library of Secret Law, LAWFARE, May 19, 2016

Coming to Terms with Secret Law, 7 HARV. NAT. SEC. J. 241 (2015)

The Deep Web and the Darknet: A Look Inside the Internet’s Massive Black Box (Stimson Center, 2015) (with Daniel Sui & James Caverlee)

Peter Shane
The NSA and the Legal Regime for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance, I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society (2014)

Cybersecurity: Toward a Meaningful Policy Framework, Texas Law Review (2013)

Ric Simmons
Quantifying Criminal Procedure: How to Unlock the Potential of Big Data in the Criminal Justice System, Michigan State Law Review (2016)