What’s New at the Program on Data and Governance?

IAPP Panel on “Ethics of Innovation” Mar. 28, 2017: Director Hirsch joined Michelle De Mooy of the Center for Democracy and Technology and Rob Sherman of Facebook to lead an interactive discussion on “The Ethics of Innovation: How Privacy and Data Advancements Can Coexist” at the IAPP’s Global Privacy Summit in Washington, DC.

Hirsch leads CPDP Ethical Analysis Panel: Jan. 25, 2018: Director Hirsch traveled to Brussels to moderate a Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference panel on “The Role of Ethical Analysis in Privacy and Data Protection Assessments” featuring Gemma Clavell, Eticas; Gry Hasselbalch, DataEthics; Evert-Ben van Veen, Medlawconsult; and Hilary Wandall, TrustArc.