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Faculty & Staff

Katherine Hunt Federle, Director
Malako Hampton, Office Associate

Lecturers Bureau

Topic Lecturer(s)
Advanced Materials & Computational Materials Modeling Sudarsanam Babu
Alternative Dispute Resolution Ethics Christopher M. Fairman
American Neighborhoods and Housing Hazel A. Morrow-Jones
Bankruptcy Creola Johnson
Civil Procedure Christopher M. Fairman
Constitutional Law Edward B. Foley
Consumer Protection Creola Johnson
Contemporary Art Criticism & Interpretation Terry Barrett
Cultural and Economic Aspects of Music, Videos and Social Media David Bruenger
Debtor/Creditor Rights Creola Johnson
Election Law Edward B. Foley
Donald B. Tobin
Engineering and Sustainability Bhavik Bakshi
Family Law Katherine Hunt Federle
Federal Budgeting Donald B. Tobin
Juvenile Law Katherine Hunt Federle
Legal Ethics Christopher M. Fairman
Legal Information & Law Libraries Bruce S. Johnson
Local Government Planning Jennifer Evans-Cowley
Mediation Nancy Hardin Rogers
Music, Media & Money David Bruenger
National Security and Foreign Affairs Law Peter M. Shane
Nonprofit Governance and Management Garry W. Jenkins
Politics and the Political Process Donald B. Tobin
Presidential Power Peter M. Shane
Professional Responsibility Christopher M. Fairman
Property Law Bruce S. Johnson
Sales (Article 2) Creola Johnson
Separation of Powers Peter M. Shane
Sexual Harassment L. Camille H├ębert
Taboo Language and the Law Christopher M. Fairman
Tax Donald B. Tobin
The Internet and Democracy Peter M. Shane
Wills & Trusts Bruce S. Johnson