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Legal Career Options

Career options following law school are varied and plentiful, so it is a good idea to explore your options while in law school. Each year, graduates begin their careers in local, national, and even international venues.

Law Firms

The most common place to practice law is in the private sector, in a law firm setting. From solo practice to international mega-firm, options for lawyers in law firms vary greatly, as do the areas of practice and ability to do litigation or transactional work, civil or criminal, and to practice in a small town or in a big city. [Read More on Law Firms]

Judicial Clerkships

Moritz students and graduates are encouraged to consider a state or federal clerkship in their career plans. Securing a clerkship can provide a unique, rewarding, and challenging work experience for a year or two following graduation, and an opportunity to view the law from the rare perspective of judicial decision making. [Read More on Judicial Clerkships]

Public Interest

A career in public interest law can vary from representing minority groups through civil rights organizations; first amendment cases through civil liberties groups; the poor through legal services groups or legal aid societies; indigent people through public defender offices; children or the disabled through specialized law centers; and the incarcerated through prisoners' rights organizations, among many other opportunities. The overarching concern is representing the interests of individuals or groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the legal system. [Read More on Public Interest]

Alternative Careers

Many job opportunities exist for law graduates outside of the legal field. Most of these "alternative" jobs do not require a law degree, but can be an opportunity to use the skills learned in law school without practicing law. Some of the most common career tracks for lawyers within alternative industries are compliance and regulatory affairs, management at all levels, policy analysis, strategic planning, investor relations, and personnel. [Read More on Alternative Careers]

Government Jobs

There are a number of excellent career opportunities for attorneys in all levels of government - federal, state, or local. In general, government employers are looking for as diverse workforce as its citizens as well as practical skills gained in law school and in life. Preference may be given to those who are well rounded and will be able to "hit the ground running" and take on caseloads quickly and effectively. [Read More on Government Jobs]

Corporate Opportunities

Most businesses employ lawyers, either as in-house attorneys or through outside law firms to consult and handle legal issues on behalf of the corporation.  In addition, businesses also hire law graduates to perform both legal and non-legal functions within the business. [Read More on Corporate Opportunities]


A post-graduate fellowship is an amazing opportunity to practice law for an organization that may not otherwise be hiring full-time attorneys. Through fellowships, attorneys work with a host organization on a specified project for a defined period of time (typically one or two years). Post-graduate fellowships can involve a wide array of practice areas and projects, typically, but not always, with a focus on public interest practice. [Read More on Fellowships]

International Careers

The Moritz College of Law offers three unique programs to help build your international legal career: A Certificate in International Trade and Development, Study Abroad Programs in Oxford, England, and Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships. We can then help you identify international job opportunities in the marketplace. [Read More on International Careers]