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Fellowships: Application Tips

Each fellowship has its own specific application form and distinct selection criteria. Nonetheless, for fellowships requiring you to design your own project, below are several tips to consider when preparing a powerful and persuasive application:

  • Start early!!!
  • Have alumni, practitioners, current and former fellows, and Career Services review your proposal.
  • Highlight why you are passionate about the issues addressed in your proposal.
  • Identify the compelling need addressed by your proposal.
  • Obtain personal and strong letters of recommendation, preferably from at least one individual associated with the area addressed by your proposal.
  • Humanize yourself in the personal statement, as opposed to simply identifying your qualifications.
  • Know the community in which you will be working; are others already doing the type of work you hope to do?
  • Identify what you will leave behind. If there will by numerous phases to your overall project, point out what will be left for others to carry on upon the end of your fellowship period.
  • Similarly, make a strong case for the sustainability of the project after your fellowship has ended. Examples include discussing how attorneys can be recruited to continue the work on a pro bono basis or indicating the host organization's ability to hire you after the fellowship is over.
  • List alternative funding sources you have explored in order to supplement implementation costs.
  • And at risk of being repetitive. Start early!