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Judicial Clerkships: Moritz Graduates' Comments on Judicial Clerkships

  • "It was a wonderful experience that I would recommend. A clerkship does more than look good on your resume, it gives you a learning opportunity that you cannot obtain by any other method."
  • "Wonderful experience - would love to help an OSU student find a clerkship."
  • "The best two years of my career (so far)."
  • "It's a great experience and an excellent way to get a first hand view of the inner workings of the court."
  • "What a great job! Well worth the delay in making a bigger salary."
  • "Best legal experience I have had to this point in my career."
  • "Fantastic learning opportunity and worthy stepping stone into the practice of law."
  • "My clerkship was not only rewarding but also fun. It provided a great opportunity to relax and learn prior to entering private practice."
  • "Loved it; miss it - often reminisce."
  • "The Judge provides her clerks with a tremendous amount of responsibility. The cases are diverse and interesting. The Judge is friendly and laid-back. She is also a liberal. In short, the Judge is great. I think clerking is also a great way to get experience and build a resume."
  • "Fantastic experience."
  • "My clerkship was an incredible and insightful 2 year experience. I enjoyed every minute of my clerkship. I was able to sharpen my research, writing, and reasoning skills in an environment that was highly challenging intellectually."
  • "Best thing I ever did for my career."
  • "Terrific experience and lot of work."
  • "My clerkship was a very positive experience. Not only was it a great learning experience, it was a lot of fun."
  • "Judge McKay was great to work for, and the location, Salt Lake City, was a fun place to spend a year, particularly if you like to ski."
  • "I had a two year clerkship from 1997-1999. As a law clerk at the district court level, I saw cases ranging from criminal sentencings to complex civil litigation. Working for a Senior District Judge was not too different from working for an 'active' Judge. The one benefit was a lighter case load for the Judge."
  • "Great experience, would highly recommend it. My clerkship was for 2 years, would suggest a 1 year clerkship."
  • "It was a wonderful experience and an education in itself. I did it for a year; near the end I wanted to sign my name to what I wrote rather than continue ghost writing. It was a great way to learn Ohio law as it was being made."
  • "The clerkship was an invaluable experience, not only because of the particular judge involved, but also because of the broad range of issues I was involved in during the course of the clerkship."
  • "Best job I have ever held."
  • "Wonderful experience, with legal issues I never saw before (or since). Judge Norris was great to work for; truly a judicial temperament."
  • "Best job I will ever have."
  • "Great experiences at trial court and appellate court levels of federal judiciary."
  • "Justice Cook is a wonderful mentor who helped me develop my skills not only as a clerk but as a practicing lawyer. There is no better way to sharpen your research and writing skills."
  • "A tremendous opportunity to hone my writing and analytical skills that have served me well out in the real world of private practice."
  • "Excellent groundwork for the practice of law; world's best boss and judge; you don't realize how much you have learned until you leave the clerkship."
  • "Good research and writing experience. Judge Bryant provided helpful feedback on projects submitted."
  • "Best job I have had."
  • "Significant opportunity to learn the inner workings of the judiciary. Law firms with sophisticated trial practices view law clerks as very attractive recruits."
  • "Great experience [state trial court] if you want to see civil and criminal litigation firsthand; wonderful opportunity to work with judges; [State] Court of Appeals better for someone seeking more academic, less hands-on type of experience."
  • "Both clerkships were extremely rewarding experiences. A Court of Appeals clerkship may have greater prestige, but a District Court clerkship provides a much fuller experience with respect to the variety of duties and interaction with the bar and court personnel."
  • "Best 2 years of my legal career."
  • "Great experience!"
  • "Very worthwhile."
  • "Best job I've ever had. Great introduction for anyone just starting a legal career. The 9th District is also a great size court - not rural, but not a huge court either like Columbus or Cleveland."
  • "Clerking was a great experience, and I would highly recommend pursuing a judicial clerkship."
  • "I consider my clerkship to be one of the most rewarding experiences in my legal career. I enjoyed working with Chief Justice Moyer very much. The Supreme Court of Ohio is a great place to work - challenging work, good pay and benefits, and good people to work with."
  • "Loved it."
  • "It was a wonderful experience, and great preparation for anyone considering litigation in federal court."
  • "Definitely worth doing."
  • "My clerkship was certainly a rewarding experience. In addition to gaining considerable writing experience, Chief Justice Moyer requires clerks to assume administrative responsibilities as well. Justice Moyer is very easy-going, which made it enjoyable to work with him."
  • "A judicial clerkship is a wonderfully educational experience from the perspective of observing and evaluating courtroom practice, identifying jurists' reasoning process - what is and is not important, and gaining insight into litigation procedures. The contacts made are invaluable. The experience is quite affirming based on the quality of the practice or lack thereof."
  • "It's an incredible experience: each case is different, so I get to address various substantive areas; and Judge Holschuh is great!"
  • "Tremendous experience in every respect. Writing skills improved immensely. Understanding of the litigation process enhanced significantly."
  • "I've learned more in the past few months as a clerk than I thought possible in such a short time. This is a great way to start your career as a lawyer."
  • "A clerkship at the district court level gives you the best of both worlds: you get to research and write opinions and you get to spend time in the courtroom. Judge Stamp (North District of West Virginia) is one of the nicest judges you could work for. I have never heard a bad word about him!"
  • "Very rewarding experience-ability to have my writing critiqued by a federal judge. Ability to see a judge's decision making process; great courtroom observation."
  • "I love it! Judge Bauer (7th Circuit) is wonderful to work for. He is very down to earth and is genuinely interested in interacting with his clerks. I have learned an incredible amount about how judges weigh arguments and court dynamics. I have gotten to draft preliminary versions of opinions on many different issues and I have used critical thinking skills quite a lot."
  • "A clerkship is the best post-graduate experience you can have. Apply."