Application Deadlines

Currently there is not one timeline used consistently by federal judges to hire clerks.  Student applicants should be thinking about applying while still a second semester 1L.  Applications can be sent to some judges as early as spring of 2L year.  The OSCAR online system is used by many federal judges and it’s not yet clear when it will “go live” for student applicants in the coming years.  Students should plan to attend judicial clerkship panel discussions and information sessions to be sure to be aware of the timing of applications and offers for their graduating class.

Throughout their time at Moritz, students should be taking the time to get to know a few full-time faculty members very well; well enough that the faculty could write a recommendation letter to judges on your behalf. Additionally, thought should be given to perfecting at least one writing sample, of not more than ten pages, for use in clerkship applications.  Please contact Cybele Smith, Director of Public Service and Public Interest Programs at should you have any questions regarding post-graduate judicial clerkships.