Application Checklist

Judicial Clerkships: Checklist

  1. Speak to your professors about being a faculty recommender. Get affirmation that they will write for you, make deadlines, and get them the information they need to write you a STELLAR recommendation letter.
  2. Complete and return to Liza Larky the Judicial Clerkship Faculty Recommendation Form and FERPA Release (We do not process letters for adjuncts or employers).
  3. It is highly encouraged that you set an appointment to talk over your judge list with one of your faculty recommenders.
  4. Prepare the documents you will send in your paper packets and upload for OSCAR judges:
    • Cover Letters – PLEASE build in time for Liza or a faculty member to PROOFREAD before you send out or upload on OSCAR
    • Resume
    • Writing Samples
    • Transcript (once class rankings are complete)
    • Faculty Recommendation Letters will be printed, sealed and returned to you.
  5. Begin researching Judges
  6. Get used to manipulating spreadsheets and using mail merge.
  7. Put on your proofing glasses. You are responsible for proofing judge names, addresses and the like.
  8. Follow OSCAR and Moritz deadlines. Ask Katy Gullo, Office Staff Coordinator, to remind faculty about your recommendation letters if they have not been completed.  Please do not bother faculty on your own!

Questions can always be emailed to Liza Larky at