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  • Ring in the New Year with Bingham Greenebaum Doll

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  • Graduate/professional student trustee search

    The Ohio State University Board of Trustees is beginning its search for a new graduate/professional student representative. This student will serve on the board from May 2018 to May 2020. He or she must maintain student status and Ohio residency throughout the entire term, and be able to balance this significant responsibility with his or her academic and personal commitments. Please encourage any potential candidates to attend an upcoming information session with Dr. Lydia Lancaster, the current graduate student trustee. Dates are listed on the board's website. Here is the link to the information sessions and eligibility requirements.  Applications available December 1, and due on January 8, 2018.   


Holiday Success Strategies from Mary Crane

Students: Make the Most of Your Winter Break

The upcoming winter break provides tons of opportunities for you to reconnect with contacts you’ve made throughout the previous year. Before final exams begin, spend some time thinking strategically about how you can use the next several weeks to build and expand your networks.

  1. If you don’t already possess a stack of business cards, order some today. Your cards should list your name, the name of your school, your anticipated graduation date, and your contact information. Once you have your cards in hand, carry them with you everywhere. The person seated next to you on your post-final-exams trip home just may be the employer of your dreams.
  2. This Black Friday, set aside an hour to send holiday wishes to any professionals you encountered during the previous 12 months. For more casual acquaintances, feel free to send your wishes via email. In the case of a prospective employer, past employer, or alumni of the school, consider sending a holiday card with a brief personal note. This personal communication will help you become memorable, something that never hurts when you need to land your first real job.
  3. Many offices experience their quietest time of year between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Key decision makers who stay in town over the holidays may have more time than normal to sit down and talk with you. Take a risk this holiday season. Make a list of the school’s alumni with whom you would most like to meet and email a meeting request. Don’t give up until you’ve succeeded in scheduling at least one meeting.
  4. If you plan to return to a city where you worked as a summer associate or intern, use the upcoming break to reconnect face to face with contacts you previously established. A quick coffee or lunch allows you to reconfirm your interest in a prospective employer.
  5. In addition to meeting with prospective employers, use the winter break to reconnect with peers and college classmates. They may become important members of your network. And don’t ignore their parents, some of whom may be able to give you direction and even new leads.


Job Spotlight

2L: Law Clerk
Weltman, Weinberg, & Reis
Grove City, OH
Deadline: December 13
Symplicity ID: 21325              

3L: Moritz Corporate Fellow
Chicago, IL
Deadline: December 1
Symplicity ID: 21324

1L, 2L, 3L: Intern
Legal Internship
State of Ohio, Office of Collective Bargaining
Deadline: December 31
Symplicity ID: 21100

1L, 2L, 3L: Law Clerk
David Bressman
Dublin, OH
Deadline: December 30
Symplicity ID: 21327

1L, 2L, 3L: Legal Intern
Project South
Atlanta, GA
Deadline: February 15
Symplicity ID: 21320

Professional Tip

” I’ve never heard of anyone not getting an offer because they weren’t an expert in an area of the law they were asked to research. But people have not gotten offers because they were unresponsive, not enthusiastic, or drank too much at social events.”

-Jocelyn Harrington, 2014 Moritz Graduate


Did You Know?

…Your career adviser is available to conduct practice interviews at any time of the year? Interviewing is a skill, and with practice you can improve at this piece of the job search and vastly increase your chances of getting offers.

Featured Resource

Monthly Etiquette Tips from At Ease Inc.

At Ease Inc. is a company based out of Cincinnati, OH and run by Ann Marie Sabath. Ms. Sabath has published multiple books on business etiquette. To receive monthly tips simply email and ask to be added to the listserv. Here are Ann’s five tips for putting your best fork forward during the season of eating:

  1. Place your napkin on your lap after everyone at the table has been seated. When hosting a meal, recognize that others will be taking their cue from you.
  2. Follow the “outside in” rule for utensils. In other words, begin with your utensils on the outside and work your way in
  3. The quickest way to spot your bread and butter plate is by remembering BMW: Bread plate, Main course and Water
  4. Crackers in soup? When you are served clam chowder with oyster crackers, go for it. Otherwise, reserve putting crackers in soup until you are home and the blinds are pulled.
  5. The way you handle unwanted foods in your mouth can make or break your dining demeanor. Rather than letting an olive with a pit or fish with bones control you, simply follow the guideline, “What goes in with a utensil comes out with the same utensil.”

You will be surprised how well these dining etiquette tips will serve you. Rather than worrying about which fork to use, you will be able to focus on the conversation at hand.

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