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Events This Week

  • Mock Interview Demonstration

    Oct. 10, Saxbe, 12:10-1pm
    1Ls: Join us for a live demonstration that will introduce you to the legal interview. You must attend in order to participate in the Mock Interview Program.  
  • Symplicity Training: Tracking Pro Bono Hours

    October 3, Drinko 252, 12:10-1 pm
    Bring your lunch for a quick (30 minutes or less) Symplicity lesson. Find out what hours qualify as pro bono, how to find volunteer opportunities, and how to track your hours in Symplicity to qualify for graduation honors. If you have Symplicity questions outside of this topic there will likely be time to cover those as well. PILF In Practice hours are available for those who attend.  
  • Today’s Legal Market

    October 4, Saxbe, 12:10-1pm
    The current legal market offers an array of opportunities outside of traditional firm roles. A panel of professionals from Ice Miller, Porter Wright, WilmerHale, UnitedLex and OSU’s Office of Compliance and Integrity will discuss just some of the alternative paths your career could lead you to. (open to all class years)  
  • Draft for Success: Remember your Reader, or How to Draft Crisp Contracts

    October 6, Drinko 246, 12:10pm-12:55pm
    Presented by Norman Nadorff, Moritz alum and career-long international oil and gas lawyer.


Do your emails pass professional muster?

As a professional, you need to make certain your emails are taken seriously and reflect the professional image you intend to develop. Following these tips can contribute to your efforts:

  • Complete the address box last. Too many people have mistakenly sent an incomplete or unedited message. If you add the address only after you are certain the message is perfect you can avoid that error.
  • Manage your email every day as a regular task. Take care of urgent messages, both those received and to be sent, and sort the rest into a filing system you create to make sure nothing is overlooked.
  • Take care to create a useful subject line for your message. A great subject line can make the difference as to whether your message is read by letting the recipient know your content is important. Also, recipients will appreciate being able to find your message quickly in the future when you have clearly identified its contents.
  • An advantage of email is its immediacy, but you should take the time to write a professional response.
  • Beware of the “reply all” option. Inappropriate use of this can lead to disaster, and even if not disastrous these replies are often annoying to others included in the initial message but to whom your response is not important.
  • Use cc and bcc appropriately.
  • Double-check that you have actually attached anything you intend to attach. Explain the attachment if necessary.
  • Save your recipient’s time when appropriate by indicating that no reply is expected.

Job Spotlight

2L: 2018 Summer Associate
Zashin & Rich
Cleveland, OH
Deadline: October 6
Symplicity ID: 21093            

2L: Law Clerk
Smith, Rolfes & Skavdahl
Columbus, OH
Deadline: October 13
Symplicity ID: 21085

2L: Law Clerk
Plymale & Dingus
Columbus, OH
Deadline: October 26
Symplicity ID: 21080

2L, 3L: Research Assistant for Election Law
Moritz Law Library
Columbus, OH
Deadline: October 31
Symplicity ID: 21077

3L: Associate
Ward Law Office
Tiffin, OH
Deadline: October 31
Symplicity ID: 21086

Professional Tip

“Sometimes email seems like the easiest way to get in touch (I am often tempted to default to email), but usually a phone call that you’ve planned out (in terms of what you’ll say and ask) gets the job done better.  Emails can be ignored (and in emails it is harder to distinguish genuinely interested candidates from people just “papering” the market with emails) but phone calls put you in touch with a real person who can give you concrete information (even if it’s a “no”).” –Anne Ralph, Assistant Clinical Professor

Did You Know?

…career timelines for 1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls are available on the Career Services website? Each timeline provides a very generalized idea of what you should be doing each semester to find a summer or post-graduate job. Please make an appointment with your career advisor to discuss your unique situation and create a tailored job search strategy.

Featured Resource

Resources for Job-Seekers with Disabilities

If you identify as a person with disabilities the Career Services Office has specific resources to help you in your job search. You can find a list of resources available on our Resources for Students with Disabilities webpage. Linda Jones also has some reference materials available in her office. If you have any further questions, please speak with your career advisor.

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