My Columbus

What do Ohio State law students think about living and studying in Columbus, Ohio? They share their own experiences and favorites here.

What are 5 fun things to do in Columbus?

As someone who moved to Columbus for the first time for law school, I’ve spent lots of time looking into fun things to do in town. Here’s my list:

1. North Market: Early Saturday mornings at North Market are the best! I love to get a coffee and walk around checking out the different merchants and artisans who are in the market.

2. Blue Jackets games: Going to watch an NHL game – especially because you can get a student ticket for $15!

3. Gallery Hop: It’s the first Saturday of every month in the Short North and a fun way to enjoy art and have a night out!

4. Run/bike along Olentangy River: Olentangy BridgeFall is a great time to walk (run/bike) along the river and see the changing leaves. 

5. Watch a play in Schiller Park: Well, watch one in the spring. Getting a picnic basket and having an evening in the park watching a play is the best.

– Alex Kennedy ’14


Are there any good coffee shops nearby where I can study?

The following are the coffee shops I’ve been to, in order from my highest frequency to lowest:

Panera has an incredibly convenient location near the law school, and snagging a booth at Panera is always a joyous occasion. If you go to Panera, you will see a constant stream of your law school classmates coming through.

Buckeye Donuts is a very small coffee shop on North Campus. It is a campus landmark, locally owned, and is a great place for a brStaufseakfast sandwich (also open 24 hours).

Brenen’s Cafe is a local coffee shop on High Street. They have great sandwiches and atmosphere, but you will come out smelling like a coffee shop.

Starbucks is just a few blocks north on High Street.

Other coffee places further away that I recommend checking out are Caffé Apropos (Victorian Village), Staufs (Grandview), Cafe Brioso (downtown), and Travonna Coffee House (Short North).

Tom Vetter ’13


Where are good, inexpensive places to dine around campus?

There are a ton of great food options around Moritz, but you may get tired of Panera or Potbelly (even though I never do). Head over to the Ohio Union and stop at Sloopy’s for inexpensive, appropriately greasy diner food. It’s better for a long, sit-down lunch with friends, though, as opposed to a quick hunger fix.

If you’re looking for that quick fix, Phat Wraps is nearby and quick. Phat WrapsYou pick your protein and add your own wrap toppings and dressings. If you’re up for a walk, it’s rumored that Diaspora has amazing sushi for a fair price.

I really suggest taking a walk down High Street while the weather’s warm and checking out the many restaurants and shops. Ohio State is huge and has a lot to offer, so it’s worth getting out of the Moritz bubble to check some things out.

Chenee Castruita ’13