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March 2015

Immigration Enforcement & Mass Incarceration Mar. 30, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
Class Scheduling Student Panel Mar. 30, 2015 Drinko 348
Leadership Q&A W/ JLSA Mar. 30, 2015 Drinko 245
Deboer v. Snyder: a Preview of the Seminal Marriage Equality Case Mar. 31, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
Oxford Summer Session Orientation Session Mar. 31, 2015 Drinko 246

April 2015

Transitioning from Private to Public: A Discussion with Angie’s List Co-Founder Bill Oesterle Apr. 1, 2015 Drinko 251
Advocates for Children Election Meeting Apr. 1, 2015 Drinko 246
2015-16 Registration Info Sessions Apr. 1, 2015 Drinko 352
Education Law Society 2015-2016 Elections Apr. 1, 2015 Drinko 347
Orrick Spring Presentation Apr. 2, 2015 Drinko 246
Faculty Meeting Apr. 2, 2015 Vorys Faculty Lounge
Law Journal General Information Session Apr. 2, 2015 Drinko 244
Moritz Talent Show Apr. 2, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
Scholarship Luncheon Apr. 3, 2015 The Ohio Union
Federal Bar Association--How to Succeed in Your Summer Position Apr. 6, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
It's Time to Start Thinking About the Bar Exam Apr. 7, 2015 Drinko 352
Lexis Think Like a Lawyer Apr. 7, 2015 Drinko 244
Schwartz Lecture with Lisa Blomgren Amsler Apr. 8, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
CSO Student Advisory Board Meeting Apr. 8, 2015 Drinko 251
Juvenile In Justice : Lunchtime Panel Discussion Apr. 9, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
JDR Board meeting Apr. 9, 2015 Drinko 251
Law Journal Collective Open House Apr. 9, 2015
Workshop on Divided Communities Apr. 9, 2015 Drinko 349
Professor Beazley Apr. 9, 2015 Drinko 246
Admitted Student Visitation Program Apr. 10, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium, Drinko 250
LAW 2 Class Speaker Apr. 13, 2015 Vorys Faculty Lounge
Discussion: Super-Agent Leigh Steinberg Apr. 13, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
Bar Exam Basics: Bar Exam Panel Apr. 14, 2015 Drinko 348
How I Wrote On to Law Journal Apr. 14, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
Faculty Workshop Apr. 15, 2015 Vorys Faculty Lounge
Marijuana Law Discussion Apr. 15, 2015 Saxbe
NLSC/Fall OCI Orientation Apr. 15, 2015 Drinko 344
Admitted Student Visitation Day Apr. 16, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
Jr. Faculty Workshop Apr. 16, 2015 Vorys Faculty Lounge 314
Ohio State Law Journal: Diversity Panel Apr. 16, 2015 Drinko 244
Stop The crISIS Apr. 16, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
Personal Strengths in Leadership Workshop Apr. 17, 2015 Drinko 251
RELA Volunteer Event with Homeport Apr. 18, 2015
Why OSLJ? Presented by Jones Day Apr. 20, 2015 Drinko 250
Anthony L. Brown Oratorical Competition Apr. 21, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
Entrepreneurs and Executives Series Apr. 22, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
Tax Colloquium: The Meaning of Direct Tax Apr. 23, 2015 Vorys Faculty Lounge
Oxford Pre-Law orientation Apr. 23, 2015 Drinko 349
Mortar Board presents the Last Lecture Series with Dr. John Clay, Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Apr. 23, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
OSEBLJ Presents: Conversations on Health and Privacy Law Apr. 24, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
Anti-Bullying Summit Apr. 25, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
African Sovereigns in the International Bond Markets Apr. 27, 2015 Vorys Faculty Lounge
Class of 2015 Sendoff Apr. 28, 2015 Saxbe Auditorium
Bar Exam Basics Workshop Series: Essay Intensive Apr. 29, 2015 Drinko 349
Democracy Studies Interdisciplinary Brownbag Lunch Apr. 30, 2015 The Ohio State University Thompson Library Conference Room 204

May 2015

Faculty Meeting May. 7, 2015 Vorys Faculty Lounge
Honors Convocation May. 15, 2015 Mershon Auditorium
Hooding May. 15, 2015 mershon Auditorium
BARBRI Bar Review for Ohio May. 18, 2015 Drinko 348
Bar Exam Basics Workshop Series: MPT Immersion May. 20, 2015 Drinko 348
Admitted Student Visitation Program May. 21, 2015 Drinko 246
Memorial Day: No Classes/Offices Closed May. 25, 2015 The Moritz College of Law
Democracy Studies Interdisciplinary Brownbag Lunch May. 28, 2015 The Ohio State University Thompson Library Conference Room 204


More Events

Event News

Professor Mark Godsey ’93 to Speak on the Ohio Innocence Project

Mark Godsey ’93 of the Ohio Innocence Project along with two exonerees of the program, one of whom is from Columbus, will present a discussion about the project on Wednesday, Nov. 19, at 12:10 p.m. in Saxbe Auditorium, followed by [...]

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Speaker Series Keynote: Chief Judge Jamie Baker

James E. Baker, in his final year as Chief Judge of the nation’s highest military court, will visit The Ohio State University on Nov. 14 to reflect on the importance of ethical courage and leadership for all professionals.

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Anita Hill to Visit OSU for 2-Day Symposium


Members of The Ohio State University community will have the chance to hear the story of Anita Hill, a woman who unwittingly became synonymous with one of the biggest political scandals of the last century, during a two-day symposium titled “From Anita Hill to the White House Task Force on Sexual Assault,” in November.

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James Salzman to give talk on history, significance of drinking water


Duke University Professor James Salzman is set to give a talk at Moritz in November titled “Drinking Water: A History,” where he will discuss how drinking water highlights the most pressing issues of our time—from globalization and social justice to terrorism and climate change.

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