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John W. Creighton ’57 Receives University Distinguished Service Award

John W. Creighton Jr. ’57 was honored with the University’s Distinguished Service Award by The Ohio State University during its Autumn Commencement.

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Passion for giving back: Suzanne K. Richards ’74

Suzanne K. Richards ’74 knew she wanted to be on board with the Law & Leadership Institute the moment she heard about it. “It sounded like a terrific idea and program,” Richards said. “I thought it certainly would be wonderful [...]

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Clarence E. Mingo II ’98: Tapped by GOP for Franklin County Auditor

Clarence E. Mingo II ’98 was appointed in August to fill the remainder of a term as Franklin County, Ohio, auditor. Mingo, of New Albany, has worked in private practice in Central Ohio since graduating from The Ohio State University [...]

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Making a career at Health and Human Services

At first glance, the career path that Gregory Demske ’90 followed after graduating from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law seems to be a fairly straight one. He admits that he “fell into” his first post-law-school job at [...]

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Taxing a property value decline

The process seems simple. A government entity – usually a county – values residential, commercial, and agricultural real estate. Based on those valuations, the government applies a tax rate and collects taxes from property owners. But the simplicity ends with [...]

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Robertson ’90: Making bankruptcy her business

Jean Robertson ’90 has been fine-tuning her bankruptcy and restructuring skills since law school, and, albeit an unfortunate time for the economy, the current climate has made her expertise more valuable than ever before. “We know and expect to be [...]

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Mortinger ’89 maximizes opportunities presented at IBM

Since graduating from Moritz in 1989, Steve Mortinger has worked for IBM, which makes use of virtual world platforms regularly. Pictured is Mortinger and his avatar in Second Life. It’s difficult not to be intrigued by parts of Steve Mortinger’s [...]

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Leadership of Frank Ray ’73 shines again

On Frank A. Ray’s first day on the job as chief civil counsel at the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office in 1976, his boss at the time, George C. Smith ’59 (now Senior U. S. District Judge), instructed him to meet [...]

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Epps ’73 shares knowledge of health care law in annual talk

Everyone has their own way of staying connected to the Moritz College of Law. Some stop by for impromptu visits, others gather for a tailgate before a Buckeye football game, and plenty look forward to returning for their annual reunion. [...]

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Andrea Seidt ’98 takes different route to job as Ohio’s securities chief

Andrea Seidt ’98 always had a desire to help the “little guy.” Before she entered high school, the argumentative teenager began telling people that she would become an attorney. Raised in a blue-collar family in the Appalachian region of Ohio, [...]

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Creighton’s foresight sparked growing Program on Law and Leadership

Jack Creighton ’57 didn’t know what would result from an ongoing conversation about leadership he had with then Dean of the Moritz College of Law Nancy Rogers. He didn’t know the impact that the leadership scholarships he helped create would [...]

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When work isn’t work

The pictures in Angie Plummer’s office tell her story best. If Plummer ’92 didn’t truly love her job – the walls of her modest office probably wouldn’t be the same.  But inside her Columbus workplace, the pictures describe what Plummer [...]

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