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Wednesday, October 18
Voter ID, Indiana & Elsewhere
Voter ID continues to be a big issue this election season. The Seventh Circuit heard argument today in Indiana Democratic Party v. Rokita, the case challenging Indiana's voter identification law. Indiana is one of three states, along with Georgia and Missouri, that requires voters to present government-issued photo ID in order to have their votes counted. Plaintiffs lost in the district court, as noted here. Briefs and other papers in the case may be found here and a recording of today's argument is here.

No decision is expected before Election Day. See this report on the Indiana Law Blog for more background and this story for a description of the argument.

With voter ID cases pending in various states, the Election Law @ Moritz project has created this table to track pending litigation, which will be updated as events warrant. And Demos has released this short report on the move to enact stricter photo ID laws, as well as the litigation that has followed. There will undoubtedly be more news on this front before November 7.

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