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Friday, October 6
Ninth Circuit Blocks Arizona Registration & ID Law
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday issued this order, granting an emergency motion to stop Arizona's registration and identification requirements from going into effect. The AP has this report. The case is Gonzalez v. Arizona, lower court filings in which may be found here. A district judge had previously issued an order rejecting voters' request to stop these requirements from taking effect.

The Ninth Circuit panel says its order will remain in effect pending disposition of the case on the merits. That presumably means that the order will remain in effect through the November 2006 elections, unless the Ninth Circuit takes the case en banc to reverse it or the Supreme Court intervenes.

Arizona's deadline for registering to vote is 29 days before the election, according to the EAC's website. By my calculation, that gives Arizonans not yet registered only until this coming Monday, October 9. An interesting question (raised by Michael McDonald of George Mason who's sitting next to me as I blog at the MIT conference) is what will happen to those registration forms that were previously rejected due to failure to comply with the now-enjoined rules.

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