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Monday, June 12
DOJ Gets Injunction Against Alabama
The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama has issued a preliminary injunction against the State of Alabama and its Secretary of State Nancy Worley, for their failure to implement the Help America Vote Act's registration-related requirements. Ed Still has posted Judge W. Keith Watson's preliminary injunction order here, and the Department of Justice's complaint here. Alabama conceded that it was not in compliance with HAVA's requirements. The court's order requires that defendants come up with a plan for how they'll comply with HAVA's statewide registration list, database matching, voter identification, and registration application requirements by June 29. By my count, this makes Alabama the third state with respect to which DOJ has secured relief for HAVA violations, either by court order or agreement (the other two being New York and California), though it's possible there are others of which I'm not aware.

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