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Sunday, June 18
ACS Convention: Democracy and the Rule of Law
I've just returned from Washington, DC, from the annual convention of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS). This year's theme was "Democracy and the Rule of Law," and the agenda is available here. As the title suggests, the convention involved considerable discussion of political equality issues, including those surrounding redistricting and election administration.

I appeared on a redistricting panel that also included two of the attorneys on the Texas case currently pending before the Supreme Court, Paul Smith and Nina Perales. That decision should be coming out shortly, possibly as soon as tomorrow. Another especially intersting panel focused on the issues surrounding the renewal of the Voting Rights Act. It included these thoughts from Bob Bauer on why Georgia v. Ashcroft shouldn't be reversed. On that subject, civil rights groups are staging a national call-in day tomorrow to urge renewal of the VRA tomorrow, even as some Senate Republicans are planning to unveil a proposal that would substantially alter the coverage formula, according to this report.

In the midst of the debates over VRA renewal, it's important to keep an eye on measures that would suppress voter registration or participation. On that subject, Project Vote has put together some helpful resources, including this briefing paper on state efforts to regulate and/or restrict voter registration drives. It also looks like there may be some efforts in the House to push through a nationwide requirement that voters prove their citizenship in order to register ... more on this to come if it looks like this is moving forward.

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