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Monday, February 20
Electronic Roundtable Starts Tomorrow
Starting tomorrow and continuing through the end of next week, Election Law at Moritz will be hosting an electronic roundtable on the two election cases to be argued before the Supreme Court next week. The Court will hear a case challenging Vermont's campaign finance law on Tuesday, February 28, and the Texas re-redistricting case on Wednesday, March 1. We've got a stellar group of election law experts assembled to discuss and debate the cases: Rick Hasen of Loyola Los Angeles, Dan Lowenstein of UCLA, Rick Pildes of NYU, Brad Smith of Capital, and my colleague Ned Foley, who offered this weekly comment on the cases last week. My colleague Steve Huefner and I will moderate. With Justice Alito hearing his first arguments this week, it's an opportune time consider these two cases and, more broadly, where the Roberts Court might be going -- as well as where it should go -- when it comes to the law of democracy.

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