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Monday, August 8
Fraud and the Georgia ID Bus
With a request for preclearance of its recently enacted voter ID requirement now pending before the Justice Department, the State of Georgia is putting a bus on the road to issue identification cards to low income residents. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution has this report (subscription required). The president of the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials calls the bus a "public relations gimmick." The AARP is also opposed to the law, estimating that over 150,000 seniors in the state lack photo ID.

In related news, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has this column on the American Center for Voting Rights' "study" of voting fraud, which I discussed here last week. Dimitri Vassilaros notes that ACVR spokesman Jim Dyke was communications director for the RNC and, as I mentioned last week, ACVR's counsel Thor Hearne was National Election Counsel to Bush-Cheney 2004. Vassilaros calls the ACVR's report an example of "blatant partisanship under the guise of objectivity." I agree. At least the DNC had the decency to release its report under the party's name -- and to include some original research in it, rather than recycling mostly unconfirmed and cherry-picked news stories to support its call for voter ID, as the ACVR has done.

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