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Thursday, August 18
Charges Filed Against Taft for Golf Outings
Ohio's Governor Bob Taft has been charged with criminal misdemeanors, for failing to report free golf outings. The Ohio News Network has this report and the AP this one. Among those with whom Governor Taft golfed were now-infamous Ohio rare coin dealer Tom Noe, whose story I've summarized here and here. Charges were filed in Franklin County Municipal Court by the county prosecutor and Columbus city attorney. Governor Taft has acknowledged the omissions, but claims that they were inadvertent.

Update: Governor Taft today entered a no contest plea and received a $4000 fine, according to this report. He apologized afterwards, saying that the failure to report was unintentional. It's possible -- though it doesn't appear likely -- that Taft could face impeachment.

Update 2: Findlaw.com has the complaint against Taft here.

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