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Sunday, August 14
Arizona's Latest ID Plan
Arizona's Secretary of State Jan Brewer has announced a new proposal by which to implement the photo ID provisions of Proposition 200, enacted last year. The East Valley Tribune has this report. It will allow voters who show ID's with outdated addresses to cast provisional ballots, to be counted if they can be verified. The change is meant to answer the state Attorney General Terry Goddard's concern that some voters don't get new licenses when they move from one place to another. Goddard still hasn't signed off. If he does, then the Arizona ID proposal must still be approved by the U.S. Department of Justice -- which is now considering a similar ID requirement from the State of Georgia -- before going into effect.

Update: The Arizona Republic has this story with some further comments on Secretary of State Brewer's plan. The story reports that voters without ID won't be allowed to cast a ballot, apparently not even a provisional ballot. If that's true, then the Secretary of State's plan violates the Help America Vote Act, even aside from any Voting Rights Act violation. Accordingly, the Attorney General should refuse to sign off on it.

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