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Tuesday, December 14
Blackwell Responds to House Dems' Letter
Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell has sent this letter in response to a letter from Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee, posted here, which asked him to address alleged irregularities in the state's November 2, 2004 election. Blackwell says he's directed his staff to respond to inquiries from the General Accountability Office and the Department of Justice -- conspicuously omitting any mention of cooperation with the House Judiciary Committee's Democrats or their staff, which according to their earlier letter, are undertaking an investigation into Ohio's election. While stating that he "appreciate[s] the concerns" expressed by some House members (no doubt in much the same way that a comedian appreciates a heckler), Blackwell impliedly rejects the congressmembers' request for a point-by-point answer to their list of alleged grievances. It seems to me like a polite way of telling the House Democrats to get lost.

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