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Fall 2013


Course puts students in crisis mode

This November, in a classroom in Drinko Hall, America will be under attack. This all-day national security simulation is part of a new course at Moritz in which students will role-play government lawyers and policymakers during a crisis.  Students have been preparing for the event all semester through papers as well as written and oral briefings.  This course examines the legal (international, constitutional, statutory, and administrative), process, policy, political, and personality aspects of the government’s national security efforts, as conducted by lawyers and policymakers. It explores horizontal federal interactions and vertical interactions international, federal, state, and local coordination). The course’s classroom portion has six modules: (1)conceptual and constitutional framing; (2) national security Executive Branch inter-agency process; (3) intelligence; (4) domestic incident management; (5) national security investigations; and (6) key particular topics including cyber,drones, detainees, biological terrorism and pandemic disease, cross-border security, and practice considerations for government lawyers and policymakers (in the national security realm in particular but also more generally).

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