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Winter 2013


Lawyers as Leaders grooms next generation to take lead

For generations, lawyers and people with legal training have used their skills to reach positions of influence in all spheres of public and private life. Combining readings on leadership theory, simulation exercises, and relying extensively on case studies featuring lawyers who have become successful leaders, this course develops a descriptive and normative picture of successful leadership in business, government, and the nonprofit sector. Through the cases and exercises, students will gain experience analyzing issues, exercising judgment, and making difficult decisions – the hallmarks of skillful leadership.

The objective of the course is to help students think more broadly about leadership, increase their appreciation for the variety of leadership roles people with legal training may achieve throughout their careers, and prepare for positions of leadership themselves. Students who take this course must participate in the mandatory, one-day leadership development workshop to be held on a Saturday (morning and afternoon), with the specific date to be announced on the first day of class. Students taking this course will receive one hour of credit toward the certificate in dispute resolution if they do not write a paper on a dispute resolution topic and receive three credits if they do write a paper on a dispute resolution topic.

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