Law Firm Leadership Scholarships

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Through our Program on Law and Leadership, Moritz is one of the few law schools in the country with a demonstrated commitment to training the next generation of lawyers to lead the profession, communities, and society.  A key component to this initiative is our Leadership Scholarship Program.  Each year, we  award these scholarships to students who demonstrate strong leadership potential, based on leadership qualities, professional and personal life accomplishments, past academic achievement, and commitment to making a difference in communities and organizations. Our focus on leadership skills is unique and is designed to capture students who have the potential to lead law firms, businesses, nonprofits, and governments.

Once our students are here, the Program on Law and Leadership provides a continuous stream of workshops, intimate roundtable discussions, leadership speakers, and classroom opportunities in the college of law and elsewhere in the university.

Attracting the right students is essential to the success of the program.   Through the Law Firm Leadership Scholarship Program, law firms can donate directly to the leadership scholarship initiative.  In recognition of this commitment, firms receive a named leadership scholar in residence at the law school.