Leadership Scholarship Recipients

law firm leadership workshop

Currently, there are more than 35 law firm leadership scholars in residence at Moritz.  The students come from a wide-range of academic and personal backgrounds. However, they all have one thing in common: They are committed to becoming the next generation of lawyer-leaders.

Prior to attending law school, our leadership scholars started community organizations, led student groups, studied abroad, and worked in business around the country.  One law firm scholar, who has already earned a Master of Arts degree in Latin American studies, focusing on Portuguese language and Brazil, and an undergraduate degree in international studies and Spanish, said “I could have left Ohio State, especially because I already earned two degrees and was ready for a change.  But, then I started to think about the Buckeye community and culture and what it means to me.  I also thought about where I could have the most impact once I’ve earned my law degree.”  The student has studied abroad in three continents and is ready to add an international angle to her future law career.

Once at Moritz, the leadership scholars live up to expectations.  They have won national moot court competitions, served as editors of journals, led the Public Interest Law Foundation, and volunteered in the community.  They are the students who stand up and take the lead, improving the law school along the way.  A law firm scholar, who was recently elected as the editor-in-chief of a journal, spent the summer after her first year working for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C. and will spend this summer working at the SEC in Miami.  “I want to help protect American investors from fraud on the markets,” she said.  “Securities enforcement represents an area of the law about which I am passionate, and I would love nothing more than to pursue that career field after graduation.”

To learn more about your firm’s scholars, please contact Timberly Ross at ross.668@osu.edu.