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Coverage and Quality Are Benchmarks of New HeinOnline Electronic Database

HeinOnline is a searchable database and archive of law reviews, treatises, and selected government documents such as the Federal Register, U.S. Reports, & U.S. Attorney General Opinions.

The best features of HeinOnline are coverage and quality. Virtually all law reviews included in HeinOnline are covered from the first issue. HeinOnline is image based, so all of the charts and other graphics that appear in the print copy are included and citing to a precise page is easy.

HeinOnline continues to add new content such as Human Rights Quarterly, Journal of Legislation, and Journal of Juvenile Law, and to expand existing content. For example, the Federal Register is now available from its inception in 1936 to 1993. HeinOnline also continues to add ABA journals, such as Business Lawyer.

HeinOnline is available from any networked computer in Drinko Hall, or from off-campus, if you sign-in here first.