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In Brief

Library Compiles Watergate Resources for Interested Alumni

The revelation of the identity of the informant Deep Throat inspired this month's collection of Watergate Resources.

Law Professor Blogs: Another Resource for Tracking Legal Updates

A "Blog" is a web log, a journal available on the web typically updated on a daily basis and containing links to other web sites. Increasingly, law professors are using blogs to track recent developments in a particular substantive area. Students, academics and legal practitioners are finding blogs a useful learning resource. Moritz law librarians are tracking this new trend.

PrawfsBlawg has taken a census of blogs by law professors. The 103 blogs are organized by law school and only San Diego has more blogs than Ohio State (we're tied with University of Cincinnati, George Mason, and UCLA).

The Law Professor Blogs network (sponsored by Lexis) features two blogs by Moritz faculty, the Sentencing Law & Policy Blog by Prof. Berman and the new Business Law Prof Blog by Prof. Oesterle. Other blogs include: the Law School Academic Support Blog, Wills, Trusts and Estates Prof Blog and many more. See the full list.