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Mentoring Program @ Moritz Unveiled at April 8 Meeting with Students

Buckeye Barrister Club
Buckeye Barrister Club

In a recent study, 88% of Columbus, Ohio, law firm associates who were surveyed said mentoring is essential for career development. Moritz is taking a leadership role in providing students with this important advantage. Current 1L and 2L students can learn about the Mentoring Program @ Moritz at a meeting to be held in the Saxbe Auditorium at noon, Friday, April 8 at which a free lunch will be served.

The Mentoring Program that will begin operation in Fall, 2005, will serve as a bridge between the theory and the practice of law. Participating students can:

  • Learn about ethical pitfalls and how to avoid costly career mistakes
  • Get honest answers to questions about the practice of law from successful attorneys
  • Get unbiased career advice and information referrals that will help students direct their own job searches. Note: The program is neither designed nor intended to facilitate job placement for students .
  • Learn how employers evaluate performance and decide who to promote

"Pods" of 3 to 5 students each will be matched with a recent alumnus/a and a more established senior practitioner whose careers reflect the highest ideals of the profession-and who are well-matched to their students' interests and goals. Together, mentors and their students will attend a series of free luncheon programs in the new Barrister Club that will explore current legal issues and the complex moral and social problems facing attorneys today. Mentors may meet with their pod or individual students more frequently to provide information, guidance and support tailored to students' individual goals.

Potential luncheon topics developed by an advisory committee will be timely and related the profession and might include topics such as:

  • With the Removal of the ABA from the Federal Judicial Screening Process, Who Will, or Should, Speak for the Profession?
  • Should the ABA Have Taken a Stand Against Prisoner Torture?
  • What is the Appropriate Role of Lawyer Volunteers in National Elections?
  • 9/11: What Lawyers at Ground Zero Did in the Wake of Terrorist Attacks

To volunteer for the program, current 1L and 2L students will need to complete a form detailing their mentoring priorities and submit the form along with a resume to the Alumni Relations Office.

Buckeye Barrister Club
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A Matching Committee comprised of representatives of the Moritz College of Law, Ohio State Bar Association, and the Columbus Bar Association will review student applications and recruit potential mentors best tailored to students' priorities. Mentors will come from firms, legal services organizations, and government depending upon students' priorities.

In August, students will attend a mandatory orientation program led by a nationally respected consultant specializing in mentoring. The consultant will coach students on how to make the best use of their mentoring opportunity. A social event at which students meet their mentors will be held immediately following at the Barrister Club.

The coordinator will survey mentors and students twice during the academic year. The surveys will be designed to assess the success of the current program and to solicit information from both mentors and students that can be used to improve future year's mentoring.

This unique partnership between Moritz, the Ohio State Bar Association, the Columbus Bar Association, and practitioners will reinforce the shared responsibility law students, law schools, bar associations, and practitioners have to easing the transition from law student to successful lawyer.