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Use New Link to Research International Law

The American Society of International Law is developing a brand new tool for researching international law on the Internet. It's called EISIL, and you can think of it as a Yahoo directory for everything international and legal.

EISIL organizes all of international law into its major categories, such as human rights, use of force, and international dispute settlement. Each category is then broken down further into subcategories. Under each category, you can find links to credible Internet sites for primary and secondary sources.

By far the most important feature of EISIL is its "More Information" link for each document. Here you can find a description of the document, date information such as when a treaty entered into force, plus popular and alternate titles for documents. Best of all, under "More Information," you have a quick and easy source for locating the official citation to international law documents. So if you've found the text of say, the U.N. Charter online, but need to get the official citation, you could use EISIL to quickly find a complete list of parallel citations.