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Frank A. Ray '73 Featured Speaker at OSU's College of Humanities Baccalaureate

Moritz alumnus and College of Humanities undergrad Frank A. Ray was the featured speaker at the College of Humanities Baccalaureate ceremony celebrating the achievements of humanities undergrads on June 12. Demonstrating the clarity of thought, power of analysis, and persuasiveness that have earned him Ohio "Lawyer of the Year" and "Ohio Super Lawyer" honors, Frank made the case for the enduring value of a humanities degree:

"How well I recall my undergraduate years when concerned friends would ask me, 'Whatever will you do with a degree in English?' Some of you have probably stammered, as I did, to respond profoundly. From my perspective of 34 years removed from the seats that you today occupy as humanities graduates, I would like to suggest the response to 'Whatever will you do with a humanities degree?' It's a tad long to qualify as a succinct zinger, but here goes.

I am a humanities graduate. I have enjoyed the privilege of studying the writings and thoughts of the greatest of writers and thinkers. I shall regard them as my eternal mentors. With my mentors' guidance, I shall endeavor to honor their examples by writing and thinking with my own origination and clarity.

I have begun to understand the range of challenges of the human experience through my studies. With the tools of my education, I shall relentlessly continue to pursue understanding of the human experience.
Through my emerging understanding, I shall engage myself to improve the human experience. . . .

With language skills that I began to learn and hone as a humanities student, I find myself as an advocate sought by my peers. As a leader, I shall undertake causes designed to make a difference. After all, I can write with clarity of thought. After all, I can speak with words that impassion and motivate. . . .

I am a humanities graduate. My education has inculcated a personal sense of the undeniable importance of the teachings of history. Give me time to immerse myself into an exciting vision of the future; and I shall surprise you with ideas that create or resurrect.

I am a humanities graduate. So, I live the instruction of our federal Constitution without having to memorize the words. Those who have studied the human experience embrace fairness, opportunity for the downtrodden as well as the privileged, integrity in word and deed, and respect for diversity among us.

I am a humanities graduate. I can do anything.

You are a humanities graduate. You can do anything."

The verdict was thunderous applause.